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                • 關于我們
                • 產品中心
                • 人力資源
                • 新聞動態
                • 聯系我們
                • Toyal集團信息
                • Factory Address:Linjiang Industrial Park,Zhaoqing National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Guangdong,China
                • Fax :0758-3602081
                • Zip code:526238
                MORE Company_profile

                To meet the demand of economy development, ToyalZhaoqing Co., Ltd. is set up jointly by Toyo Aluminium K. K. and Shanghai Matsuo-Horsense Trading Co.,Ltd. The company is located at National High-tech Industrial Development Zone with a registered capital of 33.35 million US dollars. It is composed of aluminum paste business unit and electronic material business unit and the construction of the company is divided into three phases.


                Phase I project covers an area of 22343.21M2, mainly used for producing and selling aluminum paste for coating raw material, the annual output capacity is 2000 ton. It is the fourth manufacturing base after Japan Toyo, America Toyo, FranceToyo and went into operation in 2008.


                Phase II project covers an area of 32050.11 M2, mainly used for producing backing plates of Solar PV, and with an annual output capacity of 40 million M2(equivalent to solar cell 5GW), it went to operation in 2010.


                Phase III project covers an area of 10097.53 M2, mainly used for producing aluminum paste for solar cell use. The annual output capacity is 3,000 ton(equivalent to solar cell 6GW), and went into operation in 2011.


                The company's three-phase project acquired the approval of SGS in October 2010, March 2011, October 2011 respectively as well as double authentications of ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2008 and t class 3 quality company certificate of safety standardization of dangerous chemical.


                As the parent company of ToyalZhaoqing Co., Ltd., Toyo Aluminium K. K.was jointly found in 1931 by Sumitomo Co Ltd. and ALCAN. It is a top enterprise in producing aluminumfoil and its processed goods and has developed many kinds of products. It is in 1957 that aluminum pastes (aluminum pigment used as coating raw material)of Toyo Aluminium K. K.were first sold in Japan.


                Through developing products that meet the needs of customers,Toyo Aluminium K. K. contributes a more colorful live for the society.

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